Skyscraper #24

Hair Guitar
(Audio Dregs)

Unlike M83 and Dof, Copy creates electronic music that wouldn’t be completely out of place pumping from the speakers of your town’s hottest discotheque. Very, very close to Ratatat in form and focus, the group shaves off any overly artsy pretenses for Hair Guitar, coming out with a shaggy set of tunes with enough cheesy synths to soundtrack a corny public television special. Hair Guitar rides like a straight rail from start to finish, following all the rules one might associate with their medium: get the listener hooked by repeating rudimentary keyboard lines, slowly add layers, let the drums drop out about midway through, then close things out with a flourish of one kind or another. The formula wears pretty thin by album’s end, but in isolated snatches Hair Guitar is totally tits. As much as I hate turning band names into a pun, it must be said: Get yourself a Copy, damnit. (Grant Purdum)

Skyscraper #24 Cover