Khan Preps Tomlab Debut, Tours with “Kahn of Finland” Acoustic Trio

March 5th, 2007

Multifaceted techno-chameleon Can Oral — aka KHAN — returns with Who Never Rests, released May 22nd via Cologne’s acclaimed Tomlab label. A bizarre and compelling mash of party pop and rock riffs with bent house and techno roots, Who Never Rests marks Khan’s debut release for Tomlab, and his first since 2001’s No Comprendo on Matador Records. Who Never Rests expands on Khan’s gutter hustler persona whilst incorporating the wildly eclectic disco house styles that informed his recent Captain Comatose project on Playhouse. Think Roxy Music bumping uglies with Chuck Berry and The Knife and you’re halfway there. Khan will be performing the new material during a string of European dates with his new acoustic trio, Khan of Finland.

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