Artist: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Album: Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?
Released: June 13th, 2006
Label: Ace Fu Records

Following a year-long hiatus that found Acid Mothers Temple main man Makoto Kawabata recording heavy rock with the newly launched Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno and collaborating with like-minds Afrirampo, Acid Mothers & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. have reconvened on Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?, released June 13th on Ace Fu Records.

Featuring new vocalist Nao alongside an all-star cast of Japanese experimental musicians, including former members of The Boredoms, Ghost, Zeni Geva, and Gong, this newly reenergized ensemble has created one of the most blindingly transcendent releases in the 10+ year, 25+ release history of the Acid Mothers Temple collective.


“Mind-boggling, freaked-out fun and beauty. The loopy intro ends up in the completely extrasensory guitar assault that is “Attack from Planet Hattifatteners,” and it’s obvious that the re-formation of this band is no fluke. […] Not only a return to form, but perhaps something more as well because of the depth of diversity revealed.” - Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

“Not only is this album a welcome return to form, but also some of the tracks exceed this incarnation’s past accomplishments, rivaling their past output with stylistic variations that haven’t been heard in years.” - Matthew Amundsen, Brainwashed


01. Attack from Planet Hattifatteners
02. Buy the Moon of Jupiter
03. Asimo’s Naked Breakfast: Rice and Shrine
04. I Wanna Be Your Bicycle Saddle
05. Interplanetary Love
06. The Tales of Solar Sail — Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky

Press Contact: Matt Wright, (503) 679-7499