Artist: Please Step Out Of The Vehicle
Album: Sleeping Right And The Best In Homeopathic Magic
Released: Sepember 26th, 2006
Label: Lucky Madison

An insane amalgamation of lo-fi orchestral psychedelic pop gems from Portland-based Please Step Out Of The Vehicle, this album takes you through free jazz freakouts, Game Boy outbursts, layered moog synth-based songwriting, and pop anthems that ring through your brain for days. Please Step Out Of The Vehicle are a large band with a textured, triumphant sound that borrows lightly from the best moments of Pavement and the Flaming Lips, squishing together classic psychedelia, video game beeps, folk, summertime pop, and left-leaning lyrical blankets. Sleeping Right And The Best In Homeopathic Magic runs together like an album should, blending song to song and linking lyrical themes. The album is their debut, and a very special one indeed.

Honored in the Top 10 of Willamette Week’s Best New Band 2006 Poll


“Please Step Out of the Vehicle is a big team of Portland kids playing things like flute, glockenspiel, farfisa, and all the standard guitar/bass/drums action … it has the lazy, crowded, behind-the-beat stoned shuffle of Pavement, some of Beck’s (long-abandoned) junkyard folk, but mostly plays its own game … upbeat and organic sounding – a great listen when it’s damn cold outside and going out for a drink means gloves, hat, two sweaters, and frozen fucking feet.” The Portland Mercury

“Jonathan Richman and Neutral Milk Hotel getting high together.” Willamette Week


01. I Could Move
02. …Every Molecule
03. We Will Go Everywhere (Part 1)
04. We Will Go Everywhere (Part 2)
05. Jellyfish As Fluxus Directory
06. Special Logic
07. Mountains
08. Clouds Question Their Existence
09. Sillyhead
10. In Thee, Fall Sky
11. Paint By Number

Press Contact: Matt Wright, (503) 679-7499